Terry changed my life.
I started seeing Terry 10 months ago as my Career Coach. I knew at the time that some of my personal issues would surface as well. I didn’t mind that because I had sought counseling in the past and had never felt any resolve. After seeing Terry for 4 months, I felt my life shift. My family and friends could see my life shift. They all recognized happiness, confidence and humor coming back to me. These sound like such simple words, but I had blocked these and other qualities for quite some time. It’s called putting up walls. Well, Terry helped me in such a great way to topple these walls. I now walk with a spring in my step. I stand taller. I feel sharp. I am interested in other people’s lives and how they are doing. I feel successful. It’s been an amazing transgression! I appreciate Terry and all that he does. He has helped me in ways that I thought were not possible. Now I know that anything is possible!
Lisa K. San Diego, Ca. Firefighter


Business Increased 300%
“I have been working with Terry Harris as my
Business Coach for over a year now. During this
time, with his guidance, my business has grown
tremendously even in this “down” economy. For
the first six months of 2009, business was up over
300% compared to 2008.
Terry has helped me figure out how to implement
some ideas I’ve had for a long time but did not
know what to do with them. Terry also helped me
to see that there are a lot of ways to find business.
He knows his stuff. He makes you work hard, but
it is worth it.”
Julie Edwards Photography


Achieve success not only professionally
but also personally

“From a one man show to a multi-employee
business, Terry has a unique way of motivating
people. Not only to take action to motivate their
dreams in business but shows them the most
effective way to reach as many people as possible
without spinning their wheels. The most impressive
thing to me is that Terry also taught me how to
utilize my time effectively so I can achieve success
not only professional but also with my family and
I highly recommend Terry as a Business Coach as
well as some one that will motivate you and help
you realize your self-worth as a person.”
Clint August San Diego Radio Personality Rock 105

Business Knowledge is tremendous
“I’ve increased my revenue by 500% in 6 months
since working with Terry. He points me in the right
direction with no apologies for being tough. He
tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to
hear. He’s passionate about helping me build my
business. Our weekly sessions motivate me to
keep moving forward and build the momentum I
need to create a successful practice.”
Abby Lacy — Owner Sanctuary Massage

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