Life Coaching

As we go through life we have developed certain behaviors that do not serve us well. I refer to them a Negative Behaviors. Throughout the years we continue to repeat them until they become habit (routine) and we start repeating those behaviors without even being aware of them. When you become able to be Aware of those negative behaviors you can start on the road to replacing them. The key to replacing the negative behaviors is Awareness!

Life or Personal coaching is a way to overcome some of life’s challenges to happen at certain times in our lives. Life Coaching can help you learn the strategies to make the best decision to achieve the outcome you desire. Learning the skills to take control of your life and not let outside influences  control what happens to you.

If you like to Skype contact me skype/tghcoach and get your skoaching sessions started.

Coaching sessions can be done from the comfort of your home or office!

Schedule your One on One coaching session and get started taking control of your life.

Your sessions can be done over the phone or via skype if you have easy access to a computer.

Option1 Pay as you go plan $79.00 a session

Option 2 Monthly coaching $299.00 4/30 minute sessions

Option 3 Ultimate Monthly Coaching $549.00 4/1 hour sessions



Coaching Session

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