Accountability Action System

Accountability Action System

Your Action Guide to Success!

If You Can’t Seem to Get things Done

“This System will Change your Life”

How do I know? Because I use it myself!

I promise it will change the way you get things done.

For years you have tried to  stay on top of your to do list

and failed every time!

By using my Accountability Action System

You will never Procrastinate or Fail again!

Hi, My name is Terry Harris the creator of the Accountability Action System.
You know for years I struggled with balancing my personal and professional life,
I had big ideas but never seemed to have enough time to put them into action.

Several years ago I began researching ways to hold myself

accountable for getting my To Do List done.

After many frustrating hours in front of the computer going from website to website
I finally gave up and decided to create my on accountability system for myself.
As I started putting this Simple yet Powerful system together I realized
just how Successful this system was going to be.

It was like making a To Do List only better!
The words “To Do” did not invoke any true Action to me.
I needed a true call to Action to make sure I was consistently getting my list done!

That is how I created the “Accountability Action System”

I have been coaching individuals like yourself for over 15 years
and have had my coaching clients using this system with tremendous Success!

The Accountability part is key to it’s Success!

By being held accountable on a daily basis for the completion of your Action Items,
you are subconsciously retraining yourself.
This constant reinforcement of a positive routine allows you to replace the bad with the good.

This kind of constant reinforcement will stop:



Lack of interest

Lack of creativity

Loss of time

Missing deadlines

This is how it works.

Step 1: Fill out Daily Action List (template provided)

Step 2: Click Submit

Step 3: Do your “Action List”

Step 4: Repeat Steps Daily

I will personally monitor your Daily Action List and hold you Accountable!

You will fill in your Accountability Action Item list and submit it every day.

When I have received it I will either accept it or make some suggestions of how you might improve it.

You need to be completely committed to the system to start seeing the results.

Once you have repeated the system consistently you will be amazed at how Simple yet Powerful it is!

I have some clients who no longer need coaching and are still on the Accountability Action System because of the

Successes they get by remaining in the program. Just knowing you are being held accountable for your action is the strength behind the system.

And that my friend is a testimony to its Power!

I Guarantee you will benefit from this System

Or I will refund 100% of your money back  “No Questions Asked”!

Why am I so confident you will remain in this program?
Because I have used it Successfully for myself and my clients for years.

If you’re ready to get started organizing your life, goals and dreams

and start getting things done consistently!

Sign up today!

$14.95 but for a limited time it is only

$9.95 a month

( That is only .30 cents a day to have peace of mind you are accomplishing your goals)

What are you waiting for?

P.S. As one of the next 100 people to sign up I will make your first 60 days only $9.95

This program requires a reoccurring monthly payment.

On day 61 you will continue with the program without having to sign up again.

Your payment will reflect the normal monthly fee of $14.95

unless canceled.

P.S.S. Remember this is a limited offer and I guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!

Here’s wishing you the very best life can offer,


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