The Change Indicator

I think we all face this situation at some point in our lives when we have to evaluate just what we are doing and where it is leading us. You know those times when we have to look at where our career, business, or life and ask, What I am I getting out of this? If you take a step back you will notice that the thing you are doing or involved in is not giving you the satisfaction it started out giving. That is the first indicator it is time for a Change!

One of the first things I do when it is time to reevaluate a situation, is take a step back and ask myself is this giving me the same felling of accomplishment as when I started it? Am I getting the same satisfaction out of it as I once did? Does it still give me the feeling of a “Win Win” situation? If the answers are no to any or all of those questions I know it is time for a change!

I have learned over the years that when we do something and are not getting the same sense of fulfillment we have a tendency not to really give it our all! That is when I know it is time to move on (move forward)! At that point there is really no reason to stay involved with it. If you are not getting what you need you are also not giving what you should! So in short no one is “Winning” and that my friend is the Indicator for Change!

I recently went through just such a situation and let me tell you it was not easy because I really liked being involve in this organization but as time went on I watched them head a direction that did not resonate with my beliefs and I was faced with a tough decision: stay involved and try to help or cut my ties and put my effort towards an organization where I truly could use me talents skills and abilities to benefit the community!

Regardless of what you are involved in whether it is volunteering, career, of just life in general if you are not getting as much out of it as you are giving you need to change. We never give as much as we can when we are not getting the same in return!

Don’t be afraid of change because it give you a renewed vigor for life, a new challenge, it excites you and allows you to move forward! And believe me moving forward is always a good thing!

If you are stuck and feel it’s time for a change but are having trouble getting started leave me a comment and I will give you some simple steps to start you on your road to change or if you would like to keep it more personal and private you can email me direct at

I wish you the best and have a great day of change<

Coach Terry

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