Creating A New Habit!

As we go through life we have developed certain behaviors that do not serve us well. I refer to them a Negative Behaviors. Throughout the years we continue to repeat them until they become habit (routine) and we start repeating those behaviors without even being aware of them. When you become able to be Aware of those negative behaviors you can start on the road to replacing them. The key to replacing the negative behaviors is Awareness!

Here is a strategy to replacing those behaviors and creating new Positive Behaviors and committing them to route memory!

Step 1: Practice being Aware of Negative thoughts

Step 2: Once you catch yourself thinking a negative thought use the phrase “Cancel Thought”

Step 3: Now take that negative thought and restate it in a Positive affirmation statement.

Step 4: Continue doing this until you notice you are having less and less negative thoughts.

By using this technique you will create a new habit (routine)!


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