Morals and Intergrity are still Alive!

I love to hear stories like this one! I have a client who owns a Kitchen and Bath Remodeling business. He has been a client of mine for about 2 years now and I get to hear a lot of the issues that come along with his industry.

Recently he told me a story of a past customer of his that called him with a problem. You see he had completely remodeled the customers bathroom just over a year ago. The customer called him to tell him that his flooring was showing water damage and was concerned there was a problem some where under the floor. My client told him he would be right over, when he arrived and took a look at the flooring he knew it was coming from the toilet. It was a broken seal and it was constantly leaking.

My client told his customer he would make it right. So he brought his crew in and tore out the flooring and removed the toilet. As he got to looking into the problem he realized it was probably not the fault of his workmanship but rather some how in the past year some one or some thing had hit the toilet hard enough to move it slightly from its original position.

Regardless my client reassured his customer that he would fix it a no charge.

After a couple of days he finished replacing the flooring, resetting the toilet. This warranty work as he calls it cost him about $1500.00.

Finally he called his customer in to explain what he had done to repair all the damage and to do a final walk through. As he stepped his customer through the process his customer offered to split the cost with him! My client thanked him for the offer but refused the offer.

You see my client believes his company should always stand it’s workmanship.

What I truly loved about this story was Morals and Integrity was on both sides: my client and his customer!

Morals and Integrity are still Alive!!!

If you have a story like this one I would love to hear it, leave me your story in the comment section!


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