“To Do” or not “To Do” Lists that is!

I have watched so many people ponder, contemplate, do, not do, research, analyze, and ultimately not To Do”.

Why do so many find it so hard to do a simple thing like make a list of the things they need “To Do”?

Maybe it is because if they “To Do” they will now have “To Do” it!

Maybe it is the fear of failure, maybe it is the simple fear of having to commit to doing it now that it is written down.

Maybe it is they need “To Do ” something but that would mean they would have to follow through, or maybe they are just lazy and have a fear of taking action.

Maybe they don’t have time.

Maybe they have to much “To Do” already and adding a “To Do” list is one more thing “To Do”!

Me personally I have never liked the title “To Do” list. It sounds like something I still need “To Do”!

That is why I make “Do/Done” lists! Now that tells me I need “To Do” the list and get it “Done”.

So if you have had troubles making a “To Do” list try making a “Do/Done” List instead!

See what results you get and let me know! I would love to hear your “To Do” stories

or better yet your “Do/Done” stories!

Until next time,

Your Make You Think Coach Terry

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