Stop The Stories In Your Head

How many times have you been faced with a situation such as a networking meeting, presentation, or social gathering and before you ever got there you start building a story in your head. You started trying to determine the outcome, you started to reflect back to the last time you had to get up in front of other people and remembered how uncomfortable you got. You started to associate your old feelings and fears to this new situation you are rapidly approaching.

As you start to tell yourself stories about what you are going to say and do you realize your stress is getting stronger and stronger! Your fears about saying something dumb or stupid begin to grow! You start to replay that scenario over and over in your head until it starts to feel like reality!

How many of you has this ever happened to? I know it used to happen to me until I discovered a very simple technique that helped me overcome the negative stories in my head. The following is a step by step technique to getting rid of those negative stories in your head and replacing them with stories that will help you become more comfortable with speaking in front of a group of people no matter what the situation is.

Step 1 Start to practice recognizing when you are telling yourself a negative story.

Step 2 When you recognize you are telling yourself a negative story STOP immediately!

Step 3 Use the words “Cancel Thought” say them to yourself as a trigger for you to stop telling yourself the story.

Step 4 Rephrase the story by making it positive with a positive outcome.

Keep practicing this technique until it becomes second nature to you. The more you re-enforce this new way of approaching situations the more you will be able to control your stress over them. The better you will become at controlling the outcome. The more successful you will become at delivering a confident message about your subject matter.

Try this for 30 days and track your progress! I would love to hear you success story!


Certified Life/Business Coach

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