Committing To Change In 2011

Welcome to the new year!

In this edition of my newsletter I want to give you something to think about to get your New Year started off right and let you know some of what I am up to for the first quarter of 2011!

First off we all know Committing to Change is the Cornerstone of Growth!
For some of us the word Commitment is a scary thing. It means we have to face our fears, it means we have to do things we know we should, but don’t.
I some cases we actually make a commitment but then fall short on the action it takes to make the changes we need in order to be successful.
The bottom line is we need to not only make the commitment to change but we need to make a plan to change and implement it.
Without Change there is no Growth!
Here are some steps to help you make a Commitment to Change and Achieve Growth!

Step 1) Make a list of the things in your life you want to change. (list them by priority)
Step 2) Take the first couple and write down how you will achieve your goals.
Step 3) Post them in places you will be forced to see them everyday. (visual cues really help)
Step 4) Constantly remind yourself of the end goal. (the end goal can be a powerful motivator)
Step 5) Do not get disillusioned when it does not happen as fast as you want it to. (old habits are hard to break)
Step 6) Get a Mentor, Coach, or Accountability Buddy to hold you accountable for your progress.
Step 7) After you have mastered the first couple move to the next couple on your list and start over.

Remember to be patient, it took you along time to develop those bad habit. Don’t expect to change them over night!

Okay, so you have looked at yourself and decided what you want to change, but remember that is only one part of change and growth.
Take a look at outside resources to help you along your path to Growth such as self improvement books, videos, movies, seminars, workshops.
Try surrounding yourself with individuals that have an area of expertise regarding the things you want to learn more about.  Ask them to teach or mentor you on the subject. Look for opportunities to help you along your journey of self improvement and growth.

Just like you I am always looking for ways to Change and Grow!
That is why I love doing one on one coaching, facilitating and hosting workshops, guest speaking, facilitating coaching groups and making presentations because they allow me to meet and surround myself with people I can learn from that are like minded!

Here is a list of some events and opportunities for me to meet and learn from you:

Upcoming Workshops

January 11th “Open your Eyes to Networking”
This workshop is a look at other opportunities to network for business as well as personal gain outside the traditional networking we have become so used to.

January 19th “Understanding the basics of Business”
This is a 4 week coarse covering “Basics of Business”, “Understanding Financial Statements”, “Basics of Marketing”, Time Management versus’ Time Efficiency”.

February 8th “Goal Setting”
This one will be really exciting because I have secured Brian Trachiel from Brian Tracy International to give this presentation.
(If you are not familiar with Brian Tracy please google him. I know you will be as excited as I am)

Go to my events page to sign up or contact me direct at

One final offer I just had to do to start the new year off right is to rearrange my schedule and open up 5 one on one coaching slots.

For those of you that have been thinking about hiring a coach for personal or business coaching I am going to give you an opportunity you just can refuse!

The First 5 individuals to contact me I am going to allow you to name your PRICE! If I accept it you will get my monthly coach sessions for 2 months at the agreed upon price.
If at the end of the 2 months you have not seen the benefits you can stop no questions asked!
Don’t wait these 5 slots will fill up fast!

Commitment to Change has to Start with you! Take Action and live the Results!

To a Successful New Year,

619-270-2118 office

P.S. If you know some one that might benefit from this Newsletter please feel free to forward it to them!

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