If You Are Not Making Money You Are Doing It Wrong!

If You Are Not Making Money You Are Doing It Wrong!


Business Success doesn’t happen by accident, it takes careful planning. As a business coach I know firsthand how important an outside opinion can be. It delivers an unbiased, objective opinion to any business owners Success oriented goals.

How a business owner influences the business determines their chances of Success. A business coach can help you with Time Management, Goal Setting, Budgeting, Business and Marketing Planning as well as Strategies. Your business Success is about understanding you and your businesses strengths and weaknesses and making changes to ensure a Successful Business for years to come.

Every great performer, whether an elite athlete, business legend or performing superstar, is surrounded by coaches and advisors. As the world of business moves faster and gets more competitive, it is difficult to keep up with industry changes, innovations in sales, and management strategies, among other things.

This means business coaching isn’t a frivolous purchase – it’s a well-thought out, sound investment in your company’s future.

Business coaching is like consulting, but the difference is business coaching teaches the business owner what’s wrong and how to fix it so problems don’t arrive in the future. With years of successful experience that can provide valuable insight, a Business Coach can help you develop long-term and short term goals and strategies, as well as improve your business in several areas – perhaps even some overlooked areas.

I invite you to a Complimentary “Success Strategy Session” to show you how I can help your business be Successful for years to come.

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Terry Harris CPC, NLPP

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For years I have watch small businesses struggle with their systems or lack of, ie: operational, management, human resources, asset management, expense controls, break even points, and so on. I have been Business Coaching for over 15 years and kept getting frustrated with the fact that so many small business owners did not have the resource that larger businesses had. I have been working on this for quite some time and have put together the best of both worlds! I am introducing you to my new company: Logic-Sol, we have blended coaching and consulting together and came up with Coach-Sulting!

The Change Indicator

I think we all face this situation at some point in our lives when we have to evaluate just what we are doing and where it is leading us. You know those times when we have to look at where our career, business, or life and ask, What I am I getting out of this? If you take a step back you will notice that the thing you are doing or involved in is not giving you the satisfaction it started out giving. That is the first indicator it is time for a Change!

One of the first things I do when it is time to reevaluate a situation, is take a step back and ask myself is this giving me the same felling of accomplishment as when I started it? Am I getting the same satisfaction out of it as I once did? Does it still give me the feeling of a “Win Win” situation? If the answers are no to any or all of those questions I know it is time for a change!

I have learned over the years that when we do something and are not getting the same sense of fulfillment we have a tendency not to really give it our all! That is when I know it is time to move on (move forward)! At that point there is really no reason to stay involved with it. If you are not getting what you need you are also not giving what you should! So in short no one is “Winning” and that my friend is the Indicator for Change!

I recently went through just such a situation and let me tell you it was not easy because I really liked being involve in this organization but as time went on I watched them head a direction that did not resonate with my beliefs and I was faced with a tough decision: stay involved and try to help or cut my ties and put my effort towards an organization where I truly could use me talents skills and abilities to benefit the community!

Regardless of what you are involved in whether it is volunteering, career, of just life in general if you are not getting as much out of it as you are giving you need to change. We never give as much as we can when we are not getting the same in return!

Don’t be afraid of change because it give you a renewed vigor for life, a new challenge, it excites you and allows you to move forward! And believe me moving forward is always a good thing!

If you are stuck and feel it’s time for a change but are having trouble getting started leave me a comment and I will give you some simple steps to start you on your road to change or if you would like to keep it more personal and private you can email me direct at terry@tghcoach.com

I wish you the best and have a great day of change<

Coach Terry

Creating A New Habit!

As we go through life we have developed certain behaviors that do not serve us well. I refer to them a Negative Behaviors. Throughout the years we continue to repeat them until they become habit (routine) and we start repeating those behaviors without even being aware of them. When you become able to be Aware of those negative behaviors you can start on the road to replacing them. The key to replacing the negative behaviors is Awareness!

Here is a strategy to replacing those behaviors and creating new Positive Behaviors and committing them to route memory!

Step 1: Practice being Aware of Negative thoughts

Step 2: Once you catch yourself thinking a negative thought use the phrase “Cancel Thought”

Step 3: Now take that negative thought and restate it in a Positive affirmation statement.

Step 4: Continue doing this until you notice you are having less and less negative thoughts.

By using this technique you will create a new habit (routine)!


Morals and Intergrity are still Alive!

I love to hear stories like this one! I have a client who owns a Kitchen and Bath Remodeling business. He has been a client of mine for about 2 years now and I get to hear a lot of the issues that come along with his industry.

Recently he told me a story of a past customer of his that called him with a problem. You see he had completely remodeled the customers bathroom just over a year ago. The customer called him to tell him that his flooring was showing water damage and was concerned there was a problem some where under the floor. My client told him he would be right over, when he arrived and took a look at the flooring he knew it was coming from the toilet. It was a broken seal and it was constantly leaking.

My client told his customer he would make it right. So he brought his crew in and tore out the flooring and removed the toilet. As he got to looking into the problem he realized it was probably not the fault of his workmanship but rather some how in the past year some one or some thing had hit the toilet hard enough to move it slightly from its original position.

Regardless my client reassured his customer that he would fix it a no charge.

After a couple of days he finished replacing the flooring, resetting the toilet. This warranty work as he calls it cost him about $1500.00.

Finally he called his customer in to explain what he had done to repair all the damage and to do a final walk through. As he stepped his customer through the process his customer offered to split the cost with him! My client thanked him for the offer but refused the offer.

You see my client believes his company should always stand it’s workmanship.

What I truly loved about this story was Morals and Integrity was on both sides: my client and his customer!

Morals and Integrity are still Alive!!!

If you have a story like this one I would love to hear it, leave me your story in the comment section!


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“To Do” or not “To Do” Lists that is!

I have watched so many people ponder, contemplate, do, not do, research, analyze, and ultimately not To Do”.

Why do so many find it so hard to do a simple thing like make a list of the things they need “To Do”?

Maybe it is because if they “To Do” they will now have “To Do” it!

Maybe it is the fear of failure, maybe it is the simple fear of having to commit to doing it now that it is written down.

Maybe it is they need “To Do ” something but that would mean they would have to follow through, or maybe they are just lazy and have a fear of taking action.

Maybe they don’t have time.

Maybe they have to much “To Do” already and adding a “To Do” list is one more thing “To Do”!

Me personally I have never liked the title “To Do” list. It sounds like something I still need “To Do”!

That is why I make “Do/Done” lists! Now that tells me I need “To Do” the list and get it “Done”.

So if you have had troubles making a “To Do” list try making a “Do/Done” List instead!

See what results you get and let me know! I would love to hear your “To Do” stories

or better yet your “Do/Done” stories!

Until next time,

Your Make You Think Coach Terry

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Stop The Stories In Your Head

How many times have you been faced with a situation such as a networking meeting, presentation, or social gathering and before you ever got there you start building a story in your head. You started trying to determine the outcome, you started to reflect back to the last time you had to get up in front of other people and remembered how uncomfortable you got. You started to associate your old feelings and fears to this new situation you are rapidly approaching.

As you start to tell yourself stories about what you are going to say and do you realize your stress is getting stronger and stronger! Your fears about saying something dumb or stupid begin to grow! You start to replay that scenario over and over in your head until it starts to feel like reality!

How many of you has this ever happened to? I know it used to happen to me until I discovered a very simple technique that helped me overcome the negative stories in my head. The following is a step by step technique to getting rid of those negative stories in your head and replacing them with stories that will help you become more comfortable with speaking in front of a group of people no matter what the situation is.

Step 1 Start to practice recognizing when you are telling yourself a negative story.

Step 2 When you recognize you are telling yourself a negative story STOP immediately!

Step 3 Use the words “Cancel Thought” say them to yourself as a trigger for you to stop telling yourself the story.

Step 4 Rephrase the story by making it positive with a positive outcome.

Keep practicing this technique until it becomes second nature to you. The more you re-enforce this new way of approaching situations the more you will be able to control your stress over them. The better you will become at controlling the outcome. The more successful you will become at delivering a confident message about your subject matter.

Try this for 30 days and track your progress! I would love to hear you success story!


Certified Life/Business Coach

P.S. Need help overcoming Negative Stories in your head? Try my 30 day Negative Self Talk one on one coaching program.

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Brian Tracy’s Five Steps to Goal Setting Workshop

February 8th

Save the Date, Move things around, Make sure you attend this Presentation and Workshop! Discover The Five Steps of Goal Setting from one of Brian Tracy’s own Speakers and Presenters Brian Traichel.

Brian Traichel’s personal motto is “Moving Your ideas into action” He is dedicated to helping those reach their dreams by determining what their best idea is and turning it from a dream into a reality. He is living his dream by being t…he Director of Business Development for Brian Tracy and has worked behind the scenes with many and consulted with many other well known authors & speakers. In addition Brian was a successful title representative and million dollar producer. His personal story will show you just how strong an idea is if you never give up on it. Brian is originally from Connecticut but has been living in San Diego ca since 1997.

Brian Tracy’s teaching on “Five Steps of Goal Setting”
Learn how to: Develop intense goal-orientation; decide exactly what you want; write your goals down in detail; work on your goals every day; plan every step of the way; overcome the fear of failure that holds people back; use goals to activate your success mechanism; allow goals to control the direction of change in your life; practice the “Acres Of Diamonds” philosophy to achieve success; identify your personal “area of excellence” in what you do; determine what has been responsible for your successes to date; aim for balance in your life to achieve maximum performance; select a major definite purpose for your life; be prepared to take the first step.

Workshop fee $25.00 in advance or $35.00 at the door.

Your Brian Tracy “Five Steps of Goal Setting” workbook is included in fee.

You MUST register in advance for this workshop. Seating is limited.
Check in time is @ 8:00 am

Location: Boys and Girls Club of East County (2nd floor conference room)

8820 Tamberly Way

Santee Ca. 92071

To Register go to: www.TGHarris.com/events or email terry@tghcoach.com or call Terry @ 619-270-2118

Please pass this along to anyone who you feel would love the opportunity to increase their business through networking.

I look forward to seeing you there!
Coach Terry
Knowledge is Power! Success is made!

TGHarris Consulting

February 8th

“Goal Setting” with Brian Traichel from Brian Tracy International.

Committing To Change In 2011

Welcome to the new year!

In this edition of my newsletter I want to give you something to think about to get your New Year started off right and let you know some of what I am up to for the first quarter of 2011!

First off we all know Committing to Change is the Cornerstone of Growth!
For some of us the word Commitment is a scary thing. It means we have to face our fears, it means we have to do things we know we should, but don’t.
I some cases we actually make a commitment but then fall short on the action it takes to make the changes we need in order to be successful.
The bottom line is we need to not only make the commitment to change but we need to make a plan to change and implement it.
Without Change there is no Growth!
Here are some steps to help you make a Commitment to Change and Achieve Growth!

Step 1) Make a list of the things in your life you want to change. (list them by priority)
Step 2) Take the first couple and write down how you will achieve your goals.
Step 3) Post them in places you will be forced to see them everyday. (visual cues really help)
Step 4) Constantly remind yourself of the end goal. (the end goal can be a powerful motivator)
Step 5) Do not get disillusioned when it does not happen as fast as you want it to. (old habits are hard to break)
Step 6) Get a Mentor, Coach, or Accountability Buddy to hold you accountable for your progress.
Step 7) After you have mastered the first couple move to the next couple on your list and start over.

Remember to be patient, it took you along time to develop those bad habit. Don’t expect to change them over night!

Okay, so you have looked at yourself and decided what you want to change, but remember that is only one part of change and growth.
Take a look at outside resources to help you along your path to Growth such as self improvement books, videos, movies, seminars, workshops.
Try surrounding yourself with individuals that have an area of expertise regarding the things you want to learn more about.  Ask them to teach or mentor you on the subject. Look for opportunities to help you along your journey of self improvement and growth.

Just like you I am always looking for ways to Change and Grow!
That is why I love doing one on one coaching, facilitating and hosting workshops, guest speaking, facilitating coaching groups and making presentations because they allow me to meet and surround myself with people I can learn from that are like minded!

Here is a list of some events and opportunities for me to meet and learn from you:

Upcoming Workshops

January 11th “Open your Eyes to Networking”
This workshop is a look at other opportunities to network for business as well as personal gain outside the traditional networking we have become so used to.

January 19th “Understanding the basics of Business”
This is a 4 week coarse covering “Basics of Business”, “Understanding Financial Statements”, “Basics of Marketing”, Time Management versus’ Time Efficiency”.

February 8th “Goal Setting”
This one will be really exciting because I have secured Brian Trachiel from Brian Tracy International to give this presentation.
(If you are not familiar with Brian Tracy please google him. I know you will be as excited as I am)

Go to my events page to sign up www.tghcoach.com/events or contact me direct at terry@tghcoach.com.

One final offer I just had to do to start the new year off right is to rearrange my schedule and open up 5 one on one coaching slots.

For those of you that have been thinking about hiring a coach for personal or business coaching I am going to give you an opportunity you just can refuse!

The First 5 individuals to contact me I am going to allow you to name your PRICE! If I accept it you will get my monthly coach sessions for 2 months at the agreed upon price.
If at the end of the 2 months you have not seen the benefits you can stop no questions asked!
Don’t wait these 5 slots will fill up fast!

Commitment to Change has to Start with you! Take Action and live the Results!

To a Successful New Year,

619-270-2118 office


P.S. If you know some one that might benefit from this Newsletter please feel free to forward it to them!

A Child, A Playground, The Sale!

Do you remember what it was like on the playground when you were a child?

Recently I took my daughter to one of our local parks on a Saturday to give mommy a break. When we arrived my daughter was so excited to see a bunch of children already playing. I was barely able to get the car stopped and her out of the car seat before she was running to the swings. I walked over to some benches next to the swings and sat down to keep an eye on her. As I sat there watching her approach a little girl swinging I reflected back to the innocence of my childhood. You remember, the days when we were not afraid to approach someone we did not even know and ask them if they wanted to play? The days when nothing would deter us from getting what we wanted.

I sat there and watched my daughter approach the little girl and ask her if she wanted to be friends and play with her? The little girl said No! Now here is the part that really got me thinking. My daughter was not phased by the little girls refusal to play with her, she just walked away and went to the next child and asked the same question! And low and behold the next child said yes, so off they went over to the sand box to play. A few seconds later the first little girl came over and asked if she could play with them! All three of them started playing together, before I knew it there was about 5 children all playing in the sand box together that lasted about an hour.

The longer I sat there watching the children playing together the more I thought about how we as adults become inhibited, insecure, and afraid of rejection to the point we hold ourselves back from “Closing the Sale”. Whatever the sale might be to us, whether it might be making new friends, networking for business, cold calling, or just meeting new people. Through the years our insecurities grow and we never seem to be able to get out of our comfort zones.

We start being concerned what someone else will think of us, we feel what we have to offer or say has no value, we start to “Fear Rejection” and it continues to keep us from getting what we want or need in our personal and professional lives.

Here is techniques you can try to get over your fears:

1) Think about the stories you build in your head, do they have a foundation of truth? (Probably not!)

2) Challenge yourself! (pick one thing that you are afraid of and actually do it.)

3) Analyze your feelings after doing it. (did you notice it was not as bad as you thought it would be?)

4) Now do it again! (did you notice it was easier the second time.)

I summary we can not let our fears control us! They are nothing more than Fears, they have no Foundation! We are the ones that gave them their power over us and we are the ones that can take the control back!

Just like my daughter and the children on the playground we can get anything we want as long as we do not allow our fears to control our goals. We can determine the outcome by simply reverting back to the days when we had no “Fear” and got what we wanted!

Author’s Bio:

Terry Harris is a small business educator, mentor, coach, author, speaker and consultant to individuals and business owners. He offers a variety of programs including one on one coaching, workshops, guest speaking and mastermind groups. To schedule a Free 30 minute session or just to ask him a question send an email to terry@tghcoach.com or call 619-272-9337 or visit www.tghcoach.com. “Aspire to Dream and You will Succeed”

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I Can’t Get the Job for You!

I Can’t Get the Job for You!

But I Can Help You Get It!

Dear Job Seeker,

My name is Terry Harris, I have been a Job/Interview Coach for over 15 years. I have helped 100’s of individuals like yourself learn how to create a successful job search, build a successful resume, and fly through a successful interview!

With huge lines of people trying to get a job these days only the best make it through the exhausting process, isn’t it time to arm yourself with the tools to get you to the Job?

Click the link below and get a copy  of my Interactive Interview Manual/Workbook. It is a step by step guide to getting the Job!


You won’t see a long sales page trying to convince you it is the best thing since sliced bread! If you need help you already know that. I should not have to manipulate you into getting it!

The Manual/Workbook is a straight forward no bull guide, just the exact steps you need to take to create a Successful job search, resume, and interview to get the job!

You also will learn how to find the keywords in the job posting and match them to your resume to help you get past the companies HR gatekeeper.

If you are a Do It Yourself person this Manual/Workbook will give you everything you need. After you get your copy and feel you need a little extra help you can sign up for one-on-one coaching sessions. I have coaching packages starting as little as $125.00 a month.


You can contact me direct @ 619-277-9337 or email me at terry@tghcoach.com

P.S. I stand behind and in front of all my products and services! If you follow the step by step Manual/Workbook and are not completely satisfied I will refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked and you can keep the Manual/Workbook as my gift for trying it!

To your Success,


“Success comes from taking Action and Guiding it to Positive Results”